Tuesday, July 6, 2010

probs is the reason why i'm still alive

thats only a thing that im afraid of.
because HE know what HE should gimme probs to make me alive.
so please understand me.

this is one of my probs.
i should make my hair short.!
clearly im a student.
but why dont u just love the rules, *or breaking it sometimes.* <3
this is my new hairstyle,
n im luvin' it.
(find me in FB = Mohamad Mubin)

The other thing i wanna say in my SPACE here is something that we all know LOVE..


remember this,when u wanna go through it,u also must prepare yourself to retain the consequences.!
owh,n thats really hurting peeps out there,n sometimes a lot of peeps killing themselves, n duin something bad just to make their LOVE still in their heart, even they just 'throw' away their life just to make the LOVE alive.
n that is the BLIND OF LOVE.

dun be sooooo stupid though.!
all of u are strong enough to have something much more wonderful than u wanna do something crazy.!!
just WAKE UP.!

in life 5 things we should always think of.
 - family,friends,surrounding,yourself n GOD.! *u just can arrange it by yourself*
just wake up baby.!
u need to reach something in live your life,then, thats the right time u can be in love.!

thats it.
we'll talk more about other probs :)

salam *for muslim*
~the end~

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